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Signs You Grew Up In The Dirty 'Shwa
I didn't.  I spent a few seasons there working at one of the local radio stations (that nobody ever listened to). This list might be missing a mention of the Million Dollar Saloon at the Genosha Hotel.  Easily the most memorable "wing night" I've ever attended. 1. You're related to, or friends with, at least one person who works for GM. 4. You remember back when the Oshawa Centre still had a movie theatre and when they had the ugly brown floor tiles pre-renovation. 5. When you think...

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New Kurt Cobain album coming this summer
Montage of Heck director Brett Morgen let it slip in a recent interview that a new album made up of music recorded by Kurt Cobain is on the way. “We’re going to be putting out an amazing album this summer,” he says. “[It] will feel like you’re kind of hanging out with Kurt Cobain on a hot summer day in Olympia, Washington as he fiddles about. It’s really going to surprise people.” “Just to be clear,” Morgen clarifies, “it’s not a Nirvana album, it’s just Kurt and you’re...

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