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That's a lot of drugs
Getting ready for a good music festival checklist: tickets, money, proper clothing ... and drugs? It's no secret that some (lots of) drugs get consumed at music festivals around the world. One group decided to find out where the most drugs are done. The group that did the study (the Coalition Against Drug Abuse) even admit that these numbers are far from accurate, but it is a neat look since they got their numbers by simply searching hashtags on Instagram. So maybe it would be more accurate to...

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What If Shakespeare Wrote Today's Song Lyrics?
In an interesting–if unnecessary–exercise, Erik Didriksen has written Pop Sonnets, translations of contemporary songs into Shakespearean language. Here, for example, is how the Village People’s “YMCA” would have read in, say, 1606:  “O sweet and noble lad, be not aggrieved!/Pray, lift thyself from off the cursed ground!/Thy travels long have left thee most deceived; there is sanctuary to be found./They’ve pleasant lodgings for thee at a cost amenable to one of little wealth, and pastimes...

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