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Money Won't Make You Happier, But It Will Make You Less Sad
... wait. What? Ya. Research has shown that lots of money doesn't actually make you any happier, but a new study, from The University of British Columbia, has looked at the question a little differently: they wanted to know how money effects a person's sadness. And they found money DOES help make you 'less sad.' What that means is that even if rich people aren't necessarily any happier than the poor or middle-class, they are less sad because they have less stress and anger over financial issues....

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Metal Band Names
Finding a name for your new band is hard work.  It has to reflect your attitude, your image and your music. It has to be memorable. Everyone in the band has to agree on it. It has to lend itself to good graphic design. And most importantly, you have to make sure that no one else in the history of music has ever used this name before.  Let me give you some hints. The Internet—good job, Internet—has given a list of the most common words used in the names of metal bands. If you’re in such...

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