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Penises and Potholes?
Potholes aren't just an issue in the Waterloo region, Ontario, or Canada...nope. They are an issue even on the other side of the pond. Click here to see how one person is dealing with the pothole situation in Greater Manchester, England.  Cheers, DLaw...

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What Drove Kurt Cobain's Personality? Was It Shame?
[This is from my weekly column in the Metro papers. - AC] “Shame. That’s what made Kurt into who he was.” I was on the phone with a writer friend from Los Angeles discussing the new documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. “He suffered from imposter syndrome, afraid that someone would call him out for being a fake. That came into conflict with the knowledge that he did have talent. And partly because he came from a broken home where his strong mother constantly berated his father...

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