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Bacon Wrapped Oreos? SHUT UP! It's true!
Bacon. It's one of the most wonderful and favourite foods in the world. Bacon lovers are always looking for new recipes which includes the one food closest to their hearts (or heart attacks). Here is the latest.  BACON WRAPPED OREOS!!! I'm giddy just thinking about it. A blog called Oh Bite It just unveiled a monstrous, all-American creation:  BACON WRAPPED, deep-fried OREOS.  Here's how you make them . . . 1.  Wrap an Oreo with an entire piece of bacon, covering up as much of the cookie...

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What Your Music Says About You
Interesting results from a study from the psychology department at Heriot Watt University in Scotland.  They studied the personalities of 36,000 music fans and came up with some fascinating profiles.  And before I get into this, I’m just the messenger, so don’t get mad at me.  If you’re into indie music, you are very creative BUT you have low self-esteem, aren’t very hard-working and tend not to be kind nor generous.  Reggae fans, meanwhile, have very high self-esteem, work hard and...

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