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Cows are perverts
Look at these cows! A guy is trying to do his job, reporting a story on a dairy farm and a couple of cows just can't control themselves. Get a room! ... oh that is your room? Well there ya go. Side note: how creepy is the reporter's reaction?  ...

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Canadians Listen to More Music
How much music do you listen to every week? Let’s go to a study released by Nielsen Music. About 90% of Canadians say that they listen to more than 24 hours of music per week. If you’re a teen, that number is closer to 31 hours.  Radio remains the number one source for music discovery for a full two-thirds of the population. That’s good. Thank you. At least half of all smartphone and computer users have an app for streaming music. About 71% of the Canadian population has used some kind of...

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