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Buying Used Online
Do you buy stuff online on sites like Kijiji? I've bought and sold a few items on their and have never had any issues or concerns, but now I'm a little nervous. I'm supposed to go pick something up for my father-in-law this weekend, and in his request / instructions he specifically said that 'under no circumstances' is my wife (his daughter) supposed to go pick the stuff up. It had to be me... I can't tell if he's just paranoid or if he has finally arranged an ambush beating for me. ... just wanted...

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RUSH Serving a Life Sentence
A book celebrating the relationship between Rush and artist Hugh Syme is coming out May 1st. The Art Of Rush: Serving A Life Sentence will feature original illustrations, paintings and photos by Syme, who has designed the band’s artwork since the 1975 album Caress Of Steel. The 272-page coffee table volume was created by music journalist Stephen Humphries and includes interviews with Geddy, Alex and Neil Peart, along with Syme himself. Neil Peart says: “From the first time Hugh and I...

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