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Lois (Sharon, Lois & Bram) passed away Wednesday
Growing up we watched a lot of The Elephant show. It was some good, wholesome, family fun and the songs were great to sing a long too; none more-so than that Skinnamarink song. Now with a 2 year-old of my own, we've been watching it again. She loves to sing along with Sharon, Lois and Bram, doing the hand motions with the song and always requesting / demanding an encore with a shout of 'Again!' So I was a little sad when I heard yesterday that Lois Lilienstein had passed away. She was 78 years...

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Jack White's Final Acoustic Show Will Be Streamed Live On Tidal TONIGHT
The show takes place in Fargo, North Dakota tonight (April 26, 2015)  The entire show will be available to watch via Tidal, and will replay once after the live broadcast. It'll eventually be available on-demand on the new streaming platform. So if you find yourself asking, "What's Tidal???", rest assured that you're not alone. It's a new subscription-based music streaming service and despite having some major names in the music industry involved  (including Jack White, Jay Z, Beyonce and...

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