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For The Love Of ICE GIRLS
Yesterday it was whining about kids' pajamas being sexist (which is pure stupidity) Today it's the return of whining about NHL "Ice Girls" being sexist (not the girls but the concept) and compromising the "integrity" of the game. A game where 2 players will punch the crap out of each other just because someone skated to close to someone's star player or goalie worried about it's integrity? Really? Ice Girls have become the NHL’s version of cheerleaders, cleaning snow off the ice during...

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Roger Waters on new album by Pink Floyd
Roger Waters says "This is not rocket science people, get a grip". That's part of the statement he has issued around news of the imminent (Nov 11) release of the first new Pink Floyd album in 20 years, "The Endless River", which is largely a tribute to Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright, who's playing is featured on the album, from sessions the band did for 'The Division Bell'. (Wright passed in 2008).   Roger Waters says, "Some people have been asking Laurie, my wife, about a new album...

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