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Want your car stolen? Do this.
All those sophisticated theft-prevention devices won’t save your car if you leave the keys inside, a lesson that more Americans are learning the hard way. U.S. car thefts with keys left inside jumped 14 percent from 2012 to 2014, reaching 44,828 last year, according to a study issued Monday by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The actual number is probably higher because some people don’t admit their carelessness to police or their insurer, the NICB said. Read more of this Captain Obvious...

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Killing the CD, Part 1
Although CD sales continue to fall, people are still buying them.  And after almost 30 years, it’s still the format of choice for the physical sale of music.  But it’s not like the industry itself hasn’t tried to kill the CD–or at least wound it over the years.  In the 90s, it was attacked by digital tape formats like DAT and DCC. Never heard of them?  Don’t worry; few people cared.  Sony tried to carve off a piece with pre-recorded MiniDiscs–and outside of Japan, they never...

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