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No speak English buy shirt
I find this waaaay funnier than I probably should, but apparently there is a bit of a trend where parents in Asia are buying clothes for their kids that are ridiculously inappropriate, but they don't know it because they don't speak English. Shirts that say things like "I'm A Whore" and "Too Drunk To F*CK" ... those are the tame ones. To see some of the pictures, go right here to Mirror.UK...

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Canadians and Music
Here are some interesting stats from a recent survey on the behaviours and preferences of Canadian music fans. What do you suppose is the best-known festival in the country? It’s the Calgary Stampede followed by the Montreal and Toronto jazz festivals. Interesting.  Canadians say that they listen to an average of 33 hours of music per week.  With 168 hours in a week, that means we devote almost 20% of that just to music.  Crazy.  And we apparently spend a lot of money on our music jones. The...

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