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The key to long life: bacon
Listen to your elders! ... and eat bacon. Susannah Mushatt Jones is the world's oldest person and when she celebrated her 116th birthday yesterday she began the day the same way she always does: with a plate of bacon. She says that her morning routine includes sleeping until 9am, takes a bath and then enjoys bacon, eggs and grits... I've never been jealous of a 116 year-old until right now. Here's a little more on the Susannah (who, in case you didn't do the math, was born in 1899!)...

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Looking for a Faithful Partner?
There’s a website called Victoria Milan that seeks to connect attached people with those wishing to have affairs. They recently released a study of 6,500 people about their taste in music and whether or not it made them think of their, um, “illicit lovers.” When the results came back, they found that about 75% of all people who cheat think about the people in their affair when listening to music. Jazz fans were the worst, with 19% of them confessing to having bad thoughts when they heard their...

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